Monday, 6 September 2010

Thank you

The TOB participants, 2010
(With thanks to Neil for the picture)
Thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm and support. You all contributed to the 2010 TOB to make the event a success and a fitting and special way to remember Gary.
Special thanks to...
Glyn and Janette - for your support over the past year, and for the wine at dinner.
The wonderful staff at Hartwell - for excellent service and assistance in planning the evening events.
Emma - van driving, counselling, B & B accommodation and prizes
Sue - emergency bag maker, van navigation, photography and strategist
Nina - van navigation and catering
Beccy - catering and printing
Iftkhar - route leader and tester
Clive - strategist and route advice
Matt D - team leader and navigation
Andy - team leader and navigation
Leah - team leader and flowers
Shima - champagne
Paul - logo design
... and to Duncan for all your support and advice over the past few weeks.
Race report and more pictures to follow soon. Send me any pictures you would like to see here!
Love to all
Julia x

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